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Guarding Services

LADD provides uniformed guarding services to the private and public sector. Our guards are trained and experienced in many industries. We provide guard services to corporate buildings, warehouses, residential developments, private facilities, construction sites, sports stadium and arenas, airline and special events.

In addition to our uniformed guard services, LADD provides unarmed and armed roving patrols. Patrols are effective in deterring crime of all types for various forms of businesses. We exclusively use Morse Watchman® Tour ProTM to monitor our guard tours on foot and vehicle patrols. This technology provides the expected accountability that our clients deserve.

“Real security by real people!”

Mike Adams (Retired Lt., Union City Police Department) of NJ Foundation for the Blind

“Ladd Security offered the NJ Cardinals an economical, efficient and effective security alternative. We recommend LADD Security!”

Tony Torre
VP/GM of NJ Cardinals

“LADD Security is a problem solver.
a doctor to my properties!”

Edward Haple
Partner of Cahn Estates


We provide training to our security guards, as well as companies requesting security training. Our Security Education Police Training or SEPT program offers training that covers the following areas: professionalism/ethics, public relations, legal authority and liabilities, duties and functions, fire prevention and suppression, patrol and report writing.

All of our security guards are trained on an annual basis to keep up to date with the security industry. Our SEPT program also provides training in baggage screening systems. Please contact us for SEPT course schedules, pricing and group rates.

Note: LADD can provide unarmed, armed, and off-duty law enforcement officers for any business type and occasion.

Ladd Security Management Consultant, Inc. is a family-owned and operated full-service security company. For over 25 years, businesses in New Jersey and nationwide have turned to LADD for their security service needs.

 Ladd Security is a veteran-owned business.